Fauna of Raj Bhavan

    As the Guindy National Park forest area is in continuation of Raj Bhavan areas and Raj Bhavan is rich in lawn and grasses, some of the rare variety of wild animals are freely moving in and out of the Raj Bhavan Campus.

    BLACK BUCK – Antilope cervicapra – Mrig, Harna (Hindi) Veli maan (Tamil),

    It is exclusively in the Indian subcontinent. Males are dark brown velvet black, white on the underside. Males have beautiful spiral horns of equal length and height: 73-83 cm. Weight: 32-42kb. Habitat: Arid grassland, open scrub, and semi-desert areas.

    Pulli Maan
    SPOTTED DEER – Axis axis – Cheetal (Hindi/Bengali/Marathi), Pulli Maan (Tamil/Malayalam),

    This is India’s most common and visible deer and also the only predominantly spotted in the country. The sexes are almost identical except for size and antlers in males. It has a golden brown coast with white spots, and feeds fallen fruits and leaves. Size: Total body length: 35-65cm. Weight:4-9kg. Habitat: Deciduous forests and around fringes.

    Canis aureus – Gidar (Hindi), Naree (Tamil)

    Slender. Dog-like. Tail; bushy. Buffy grey coat mixed with black hairs underside. Call: howls, laughter. Feeding through hunting and scavenging. Height: 60-75cm. Weight: 7-15kg. Habitat: Urban and semi-urban areas and forests.

    Indian Star Tortoise
    Geochelone elegans – Indian Star Tortoise

    The carapace is elongated, and highly domed, the vertebral and costal shields form well-marked conical humps in the adults, the apex of each hump corresponds with the areola; lateral aspects of the carapace are almost vertical; the anterior and posterior margins reverted, the posterior one is strongly serrated. The nuchal shield is not present. Head and limbs are yellow, more or less spotted with dark brown or black.

    Herpestes edwardsii – Newala (Hindi), Keeree (Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada),

    The Common Indian Mongoose is used in snakes and mongoose shows. Brown in color. Tail: Long, bushy. Height: 35-45cm. 1-1.5kg in weight.

    Vella kurangu
    Macaca radiata – Vella kurangu (Tamil), Madad (Marathi) Kothi (Telugu),

    A peculiar cap of long hair, arranged in a whorl, gives the Bonnet Macaque its name. It is a medium-sized species with a tail that is longer than its body. Its color changes from lustrous brown in winter to scraggy buffy-grey in summer. This is the common commensal monkey of South India and can be seen around temples.

    Patchai Kili
    Psittacula krameri – Pachai Kili – Arasamaram (Tamil),

    Size: Myna+; with a long pointed tail. A small grass-green parakeet with maroon shoulder patches. Females lack the black and rose pink collar of male. Noisy flocks about cultivation, in lightly wooded country.